We recently ordered wrist bands for a school field trip. After ordering them we realized that they probably would not make it to us in time for our trip.

After contacting the company they let us know they could make sure they were delivered to us in time if we paid an additional $34. We agreed to pay it and received the merchandise one day late-too late for our trip. After notifying the company we only asked for our $34 back since they did not make it to us in time.

They told us they would not refund the $34 and we let them we would never do business with the again. Do not purchase anything from this company!

Review about: Wrist Band Wristband.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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I had a similar experience, yet paid over $60 for expedited shipping, only to receive the product late AND lose a promotional 100 free wristbands in the process. We paid over $60 for a late shipment and a hundred less wristbands.

We called repeatedly and were met with the same rude, cold, and aggressive response each time. Unbelievable.

Houston, Texas, United States #716849

I have had similar problems with this company and wristbandconnection I will never use either one again I ended up using wristband depot plus which turned out GREAT not only do they have on online presence they have an actual store front. Due to my surprise they also had other services and items I ended up ordering for our school big fundraiser such as rhinestone t-shirts for our soccer moms, several sports bottles with our team logo on it for our cheer squad great service with local pick up available but on the larger orders they brought it to us no charge.

Bottom line if you anything to promote your team or school for fundraisers this is the place to go very knowledgable and friendly staff. They even have a program for your concession stand to help you fundraise without any money out of your pocket.

We will be signing up soon for there free fundraising website. :)

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