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We ordered $200 worth of bands from this rip off company and fed-ex had called prior to delivery to inform us the box was empty and when they tried to contact the number was not in order. Beware and don't get ripped off like we did, the bands was for a memorial for our nephew who was taken from us and now this just ads insult to our already heart broken loss.

Its sad that people have become more so to scam then not I'm only 34 yo now and can't fathem the thought of what type of world my eventually grandkids will grow up in. people like are to blame for my hatred in this world where I was once proud to be and trusted everyone "how ignorant" of myself........pissed customer

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I placed an order the first week of February. When you order, you can choose how quickly you would like your not believe that.

AFTER, you place the order and pay for it, THEN you get the shipping bad news. THAT is even incorrect. I was supposed to have my bracelets within 3-5 days, then 5-10 days. Just got my confirmation and they have not shipped YET, estimated delivery date is 2/25!

THREE WEEKS!!! (maybe).

My event is already past...what a fiasco. Try to find someone local to make your bracelets, do NOT go with this company.


I placed an order yesterday and needed to make a change in the details. Emails were never answered and I placed a call to them in the morning.

A man told me that part of my order would be cancelled, and to place a new order on line. I did that and still never received a cancellation. I called again this evening and spoke with a rude woman. I was so disgusted by how I was treated that I decided to look on line and see if this company had any major complaints...voila.

Many complaints. I believe customer service for this, fly by night, company is in India.

I will call Jason in the morning and cancel my order. This company seems to be bad news!


I wish I had seen all of these comments before I ordered from them. These guys are so unorganized and half the time I was talking with one customer service rep, I could hear someone yelling in the background.

When I finally spoke to Jason, I realized it was him I had heard in the background because he was now yelling at me.

They have a crappy authorization system and the worst customer service I have ever experienced (and I have been doing this for 25 years - in NYC no less). DO NOT ORDER FROM WRISTBAND.COM EVER - THEY WILL MAKE YOU SORRY YOU EVER DID!!!!!!


Had Jayro written the comment today I would bet that I was the one getting yelled at. Do NOT buy from this company EVER! Regardless of how desperate you are, being verbally ridiculed by someone who is supposed to provide you with a service and product is not worth it.


Worst customer service Chat I have EVER encountered, and I have seen some sad stuff. The person on chat "Zara" they went by, couldn't even answer simple questions.

They told me it would be $80 for a custom sample band, when I asked why it was so much I was told "it's adjusted." Just simply that "it's adjusted." When I asked what it would be adjusted to they said "to your real order." As if my sample order wasn't a real order? I was so confused and irritated I just completely left the site.


I ordered 500 wristbands, paid extra for production and fast shipping, for an event. They did not make the deadline, missed the event.

And, wasted my money!

Anna, at wristband - assuming that's even her name, was going to give me a big $30 credit! Major rip-off, BEWARE.


:( I really don't understand the "customer service" offerings of the company. I placed an order on Feb 23 and it was suppose to be delivered by March 5th, I call today and they tell me my order will not be delivered until March 14th.

These are memorial bands for a firefighter whom was killed in the line of duty and I am expecting 200 bands in his honor! Please Jason figure this out and don't rip me off..........!


everything is fine with this company.!! Recently i have 40k wristband order with this company i got them..!! quality was good !!!


@UNreal - I am sorry to hear that. Please give me your order number or email me at and I will get back with you. Please do email me so I can resolve your issue. I am sorry I was not available when you called. But I promise I will get back with you if you email or provide me with your order number.

@John - I don't know what issue you had but please feel free to email me or call me and I will be more then glad to also take care of your issue as well.

Once again We strive to keep all our customers 100% satisfied with our products.

I have resolved majority of the complaints listed here and I will be here to resolve any further complaints or concerns that arise so please feel free to call me at 281.286.9500.






Quite possibly the most aggravating and useless set of conversations I ever had with "customer service" representatives- not to mention, I still don't have my product which is useless to me now. I don't understand how any business can survive with such awful service, product and business etiquette!!

Not only do the representatives talk to you like you're an imbecile, the only time they are actually listening to you is when you're providing the order number for them so they "can tell what's going on with the order" - which ends in yet another run around conversation, resolving nothing. And then there's the phantom manager "Jason" who clearly has better things to do than be available to MANAGE his staff and customer concerns.

Shame on your "I will help resolve all issues you had with our company. We strive to keep all our customers 100% satisfied with our products."


I am the manger of Please call me at 281.286.9500 and ask for Jason.

I will help resolve all issues you had with our company. We strive to keep all our customers 100% satisfied with our products.


This company is absolutely out of control. The customer service is unbelievably rude.

We were actually yelled and told that we are not taking responsibility. We spoke to several different employees who all gave us some different story about where our package is and when it would be delivered. There were some problems with how the shipment was addressed and we gave them a new shipping address. We were assured that the package would arrive before the event we needed them for.

For one week we got the run-around. The manager 'Jason' was never available. When we finally spoke to 'Jason' he was just as rude as the rest of his staff. Also, we found out that the wrist bands are produced in China.

If we had know that from the beginning we would have tried to work with a local company. This was just one major headache..and we still don't have the wrist bands.


Do not order from these guys. I called to check order and I heard guy in background conversation swearing at another customer. I still have not received my order.


I received my wrist bands just fine -- all the colors were right, everything, but the quality was really bad. The bands are thin and the embossing is scratched in. I would never use them again.


I order $500 of stuff and never got it!!


Last year I ordered from and everything was fine. They are a subsidiary of (or somehow related).

This year I placed an order again, but had to cancel right away.

Within an hour I received a call asking why I needed to cancel. I told them someone else already ordered lanyards for our event. They sent me confirmation of my cancellation.

The nightmare begins when they proceed to process my credit card for $352 anyway. I am still trying to get my full refund!



Avoid this company. I ordered 300 wristbands that wers suppossed to arrive in March, It is now the end of April and I have not received them and no contact from them until I called them. They customer service does not answer the emails I sent to them.


I made the mistake of not researching this company before I did business with them...never again!!!

This company will be reported!

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