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I placed three separate orders from My first two orders came as ordered. I did have to place my first order 3 different times as they were having computer issues and lost my order. My third order was placed just as I had done the first two previous orders. I called in to ask about doing a re-order and their phone operator, whom I could barely understand, nor could he understand me told me that everything was correct to just place the order on the internet. I even confirmed the delivery date to ensure I would get it on time.

I ordered over 700 3/4" custom bracelets with our name and logo just as I had in the first two previous orders. This was the third order I placed with them. The bracelets arrived with small text on a giant 3/4 bracelet. When I called them to discuss why this happened, they just passed me off and told me to email them and they would get back to me within 24 hours. I emailed them and waited 3 days to hear back from them. They did not call me, I had to contact them. When I finally got a hold of their representative (Jason B) I was told the best thing he could do for me was re-print my order at 50% off. This was my third order within 30 days I have spent almost $1500 with their company. Jason was unappreciative of my customer loyalty and did not care about offering a quality product or meeting customer satisfaction.

When looking on their website I have yet to find one image of a 3/4" bracelet with small text, but somehow it was acceptable to place my order in this fashion. When I complained to him, he told me that the orders are fulfilled in China and each manufacturer determines how they will print them. So if you are expecting a product like the examples on their website, it might or might not happen depending on how the manufacturer decides to print them that day. Don't count on trying to provide a reasonable solution either!

I would recommend using another company who prides themselves in customer satisfaction.

Review about: Wrist Band Customer Care.

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***! I just ordered and should have checked.

The video looked so ... domestically American. I tried to call today about expediting the production time (knowing it would cost $60) but all I got was India-sounding music, no message as to who I had reached.

I stayed on for awhile then hung up and sent email. I have received NO email confirmation for my order.

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