I ordered 600 wrist bands from Wrist-band.com and I too received the wrong color. They insist that they sent me blue when they sent me white with white writing.

They refuse to honor their mistake and replace the order.

How can I get them to resolve my issue. I sent a picture and called 5 times. No one seems to care that I paid for something I did not get. Everyone who gets on the phone says that they are the supervisor.

Is this a way to do business. I am now out $232.00.

Please advise. I am at a loss.

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I had a similar experience. I talked with Jason above. He has not handled my situation appropriatly and he does not care about providing customer service.


I am the manager of wrist-band.com and my name is Jason Burke:

We do not have any record of this incident happening. But I would like to set the records straight as to what is happening here. One of our competitors who cannot compete with our pricing is simply going around sites like these and posting negative remarks. It is very interesting to see that once I posted the comment to have the anonymous person that posted this comment to contact me the next day you can see that our competitor commented back.

Our sales team will work with any customer who has issues with their order. Once again I state if you are a "real" customer of ours please pick up the phone can simply call 281.286.9500 ask for Jason and let us know your order number and we will resolve it on the spot.

Once again we mean what we say: 100% customer satisfaction.


ok so i ordered a 7 braclets from them about 1 month ago.... they still have not gotten here.

so i called... and they said it will be here tomorrow.

Wrist-band.com is such a scam. no one buy from them.

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