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HeY if you order 200 wristbands they give you 100 FREE !! NO wonder because they use what seems to be a cut up dry rotted tire !!!

I can't tell you how many in my bag have gashes in them & when you pull on them they rip in half !! I ordered from this so called company & was out of town when fedex tried to deliver & every other time fedex leaves merchandise on my porch ! Why not tell the cusomer this before hand or ask if u wanna have a signature to get ur product ?!?! So they sent my wrist bands to Houston,Tx & when I got home I called to get some girl who no speakie no good english so I asked for her supervisor and "MATT" gets on the phone who also no speakie good english to tell me it was going to cost me $29.99 additional to reship me the wrist bands !

I told Matt I wasn't going to pay it that it would be the last time I ordered anything from wrist-band & he says hold on ... Gets back on the phone & says ok it will be $19.99 I said ok send them !!! I just wanted the night mare over , so they sent them & the next day I looked @ my bank account & they charged me $19.99 PLUS another $15.00 for reshipping plus the shipping I already paid !!! I am a singer of a band & known world wide & I'm making it a mission To let everyone know about this company not only for their pitiful product which is "MADE IN & SHIPPED FROM CHINA" that is JUNK but how pitiful their customer service is & how they will LIE to you !!!

Like I told Matt in Houston,TX , there are way to many other websites on the internet to order from to deal with the unprofessional companies out here !!

So in the future I WILL be researching & getting references on companies & what kind of service & products they are offering before I order !!! Provide as much information as possible, you will not be able to edit your review but you will be allowed to add on to it if you create an account during the submission process.

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